The brand “DANTON” began when Mr Gabriel DANTON bought shares of the company named “Manufacture Textile du Centere (M.T.C)”
from his sister, who established the company together with Mr. Jean Neirat in 1931, and became the manager of the company in 1935,
then registered the brand “DANTON” with its nice red diamond logo within the same year.

The workshop, located in Chatres sur Cher, was manufacturing traditional French workwear products such as overalls, jackets, pants, and aprons, marketing mainly in the Center of Paris.
In those days, wholesale in Paris was made through M.T.C. office and warehouse located 40 rue Croix des Petits Champs Paris.
Stores were used to pick up goods for replenishment directly at this address in the center of Paris near Palais Royal.
The workshop at Chatres closed in 1989 but the production has continued to be done in France, during the ‘90s in Flers and during the ‘2000s in Le Lude.

Through the ‘70s and ‘80s, M.T.C. regularly supplied DANTON workwear to French public administrations, such as the city of Paris and public utilities such as R.A.T.P. (Parisian metro) and S.N.C.F(French Railways).

DANTON brand has been successfully developed in Japan by Boy’s CO., LTD who has been an exclusive agent for the distribution of the brand within the country and become exclusive distributor worldwide from 2016.